Partially glazed interior door Dominika 421 has a collet structure. This is a door leaf with a strong frame structure, the main part of which is a frame consisting of a vertical and horizontal bar - drawers (serves to give strength to the door structure).

Such doors have a number of positive characteristics:

  1. Durability and reliability.
  2. Versatility. This model can be installed in any room.
  3. Modularity. The ability to disassemble the canvas without harm to the decorative coating and replace damaged elements, which significantly extends the life of the doors.
  4. Lack of joints. There are no seams on either the facing surface or at the ends of the elements.
  5. Resistance to moisture and drops.
  6. Good soundproofness.
  7. Easy care.
  8. Aesthetics.



600x200, 700x200, 800x200, 900x200 mm.


Еco wood veneer




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