The main distinctive feature of interior doors Raddoors, which determines the quality and external aesthetics - external artificial coating "Polypropylene". This film, perfectly imitating the wood texture, is environmentally friendly, which allows you to use these doors in hospitals, kindergartens and other public institutions. 

Main characteristics of interior doors Raddoors:

- Collapsible construction

– Telescopic exterior elements that allow to attach case without nails

- The series does not have a factory tie-in and is not equipped with factory accessories

- Environmental safety of all materials used.


Model 2.18U
Door leaf size: 400/500/600/700/800 x 1900/2000 mm.
Direct telescope box: 33х74х2070 mm. -2.5 pc.
Platband telescope direct: 16х70х2150 mm. - 5 pc.