Interior door Raddoors 7X includes several elements-the frame, consisting of the upper and lower rods and standing, and the panel. As a panel, or, as it is called, filler, decorated wooden panels and glass are used. The increased strength of Raddoors 7X interior doors is also due to the Assembly scheme. Standing are made on the principle of "sandwich" (MDF + solid pine), which allows you to achieve maximum rigidity. Doors do not crack and do not deform under the influence of moisture and temperature changes. In addition to strength, long-term operation of the doors of the X series contributes to the interchangeability of all components. Any detail or glass at damage is subject to replacement that, in particular, it is impossible at a monolithic door leaf. If desired, the part can be replaced yourself.





Door leaf size:

400/500/600/700/800 x 1900/2000 mm.

It is possible to manufacture non-standard sizes of doors with a step of 5 cm (not all models).


36 mm.

Direct telescope box:

33х74х2070 mm. -2.5 pcs.

Platband telescope direct:

10х80х2150 mm. - 5 pcs.



Box telescopic straight:

33х100х2200 mm

Telescopic platbands:

straight: 10x80x2150 mm-5 pcs.

curly: 16x70x2150 mm - 5 pcs.

curly: 24x110x2250 mm - 5 pcs.

"Flutes": 16x80x2150 mm-from 100 pcs.

Monoblock box:

EXPORT (the set includes hidden loops Eclipse 2.0 -2 PCs.)

EXPORT 30x95 mm.

EXPORT 30x135 mm.

EXPORT 30x185 mm.

EXPORT 30x250 mm.


straight 16x80x2070 mm.

curly 16x80x2070 mm.


DND Martinelly Intake


AGB Eclipse 2.0\3.0 mortise hidden loop (Italy)


AGB 190 with a magnetic latch(Italy)